Site Meetings on Road Projects With DE Betong (29/09/2009)

Yesterday (29th September 2009) was an hectic day for us all in Road Development Section, JKR Betong including our Big Boss; DE Betong - Ir. Richard Tajan. The meetings were chaired by our Tn DE himself. A full day schedule was spent on attending meetings on-going road projects at Betong. To be exact, DE Betong, EE(Road Development) - Ir David Wong, Tuan Jalai & Mandur Tan attended 3 meetings yesterday on these projects:
  1. Projek Membina Jalan Tanjung Assam/Hilir Saribas/Beladin, Saribas, Sarawak
  2. Construction & Completion of Proposed Phase 3 Improvement Works to Ulu Layar / Ng Tiga Road, Betong Division, Sarawak
  3. Proposed Jalan Ng Buai / Merinjau / Ulu Spak Betong Division, Sarawak (Phase 1)
Ir David Wong (Right) explaining on the progress of the Jln Tg Assam Road Project to Tn DE (center)

Tn DE studies the progress of the project

Mr Goh (Project Manager for Tg Assam Road Project) presenting on the progress of the project

Tn DE chairing the Jln Ulu Layar Road Project Site Meeting

Contractors & consultant from the Jln Ulu Layar Road Project

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